Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • IT Solution Consulting - Our goal is to provide you with quick and efficient solutions to any IT problem that you may have. We’ll analyze the problem from every angle possible before we provide you with a superlative, cost-effective solution.
  • PC/ Workstation Assembly - Whether it be a PC being used for important, but basic tasks like word processing or a top of the line PC used for 3D Modelling or Chemistry Simulations we have the knowledge and experience to quote and assemble what you require accurately.
  • Scheduled Services - We will take care of any PC that needs a checkup. A routine PC service can be scheduled and confirmed via E-mail.
  • Delivery - We work with quick and reliable courier services to ensure that you receive your products hassle free.
  • Warranty is only applicable to the extent of the period mentioned against each product in the invoice.
  • During any warranty claim, the product, packaging and serial numbers pertaining to the relevant product should be intact
  • All warranty claims cover manufacturing defects ONLY.
  • If a product is in working condition and functional it is not liable for a warranty claim. (i.e. Faulty or malfunctioning LED lights on a gaming mouse or keyboard)
  • Warranty does not cover any physical damage, be it customer induced, accidental or caused by any natural disaster. This includes power surges, corrosion, lightning, water or fire damage.
  • Warranty does not cover improper use of any product. (i.e. The use of Graphics Cards for cryptocurrency mining).
  • All warranty claims are Carry-in Warranty. You, the customer, are responsible for carrying in the item to the service center and collecting the item once it is ready for collection.
  • Manufacturers (and their agents) reserve the right to replace/ refund/ repair or offer an alternative product to the one purchased.
  • All warranty is Manufacturer Warranty and warranty is handled at the manufacturer’s discretion. If a product is faulty it has to be sent to the relevant manufacturer to be verified if it is faulty or not. Upon inspection the manufacturer will decide whether the item has to be replaced or repaired. This process could take 14 days or more.
  • If the warranty sticker is removed or tampered, warranty will be void and null.
  • The warranty period mentioned against each product (6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, etc,) corresponds to the amount of days listed below.
6 months= 180 Days, 12 months= 350 Days, 24 months= 700 Days, 36 months= 1050 Days, 60 months= 1750 Days, 120 months= 3500 days, N/W= No Warranty

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Mobile/Whatsapp: 074 016 2640

Custom orders

Please contact our hotline or send us an email if you wish to place orders for anything we do not usually stock.

Home Delivery

Yes, we deliver! We work with quick and reliable courier services to ensure that you receive your products hassle free!